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GCSE Online Summer Course

Sign up here £48 per course per student

(regular price £8 per class)

Maths classes 10:30-11:15 every Monday

English classes 11:30-12:15 every Friday

During this current situation, we understand that this is very worrying for all students, but especially for Year 10 students who are sitting their exams next summer. Our NEW online classes are designed to ensure that students grasp the topics they are learning and to help fill in any gaps or weaknesses in their knowledge. We also help them to get prepared for their exams with plenty of practice and revision of exam techniques and methods for answering the questions.

We provide:

  • Weekly tuition for GCSE (Y10) mathematics and/or GCSE (Y10) English
  • Help either at Foundation Level or Higher Level for all syllabuses, including AQA, Edexcel, OCR and CIE
  • Group lessons using our online platform Zoom

Please see the dates below:

Maths: Mondays 10:30-11:15 (20.07, 27.07, 03.08, 10.08, 17.08, 24.08)

English: Fridays 11:30-12:15 (24.07, 31.07, 07.08, 14.08, 21.08, 28.08)

Maths Made Simple

Get your arms around all the topics that just seem not to make sense, make this time count and clear away the cobwebs.

Get familiar with the rules and master your technique.  Let’s have fun with Maths

Smash the……

  • THEOREMS – apply the rules and solve problems (including world hunger)
  • POWERS & ROOT – you will have the power to root out these problems
  • DOTS (The Difference Of Two Squares) – lets join the DOTS once and for all.
  • SURDS – we will Manipulate and Simplifying them

………and much more


Let’s get under the PEEL.  English is sweet!!

Right here, right now, together we will master reading with insight so you could get into the mind of the writers. 

Write like you never did before – Persuade, Advise, Inform or Entertain!!!!

Some areas to conquer:

  • Creative Writing – writing with purpose, to an audience.  Leverage your style and technique (tone, words and phrases, language features, Irony & sarcasm, rhetoric & bias and structure)
  • Literary Analysis – how to approach and develop a plan

You can do this!!!


Write the programmes you want, make the games you like, turn your hobby into a craft!

Learn to use Python it is easy to use, powerful, and versatile.  It is best programming language for beginners and experts alike. 

Python’s readability makes it a great first programming language — it allows you to think like a programmer and not waste time with confusing syntax.

Joins us now

  • Learn to use Scratch intelligently
  • Learn while doing – how to automate boring task, make your own game/s, machine learning and much more.

The future is yours to design!!

We know that Y10 and Y11 can be a stressful time and students may be reluctant to attend extra tuition classes, so we aim to make the lessons as helpful and constructive as possible. Although we provide a lesson plan, students are able to bring in homework and are welcome to ask for help in specific areas that they have come across at school.

Payment will be made to CVtutor:
Account number: 37157468
Sort Code: 30 99 09
Please use your child’s name as reference.

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