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Help and FAQs

Why private tuition?

Private tuition offers a completely different learning approach from school. It is  becoming increasingly popular as students and parents begin to realise the enormous progress that can be made in these sessions. The personal attention and knowledge our tutors offer, can help inspire students and bring confidence to their learning.

Who is CVtutor?

CVtutor is only run by 2 people, Christiane and Valentina. Read more about us here. We are tutors ourselves and run a professional tutoring agency providing private tutors for all subjects in Surrey, London and the surrounding areas. We are based in Cobham, Surrey. We have hundreds of inspiring private tutors whom we represent.

How much do lessons cost?

Individual tutors set their own fees, so we always advise you to contact us directly to obtain an exact quote. Average fees tend to be between £30-£45 a session, some higher, some lower. A general rule is that the higher the level of study, the higher the level of fee. For example, Degree-level Quantum Physics lessons would typically command a higher fee than a lesson in Key Stage 1 Phonics!

All our tutors are independent and are not “employed” by the agency. The agency works closely with our tutors to ensure a fair deal is made possible, including for our valued clients. Although our prices are stated online, these are meant to be only a guide, and the final price is determined by the tutor and client. If the hourly rate is too low, it may prove too difficult to convince a tutor to accept an assignment.

How do I pay?

The first lesson will be paid just after the lesson to make sure that you are happy with everything. After that you will pay monthly or weekly in advance via bank transfer or PayPal. Should you have not taken all hours in that month, you will carry the remaining hours over to the next month. All lessons paid will never expire. Any amount owed will need to be paid by bank transfer, within 7 days of receiving the invoice. Please bear in mind that a late fee of £3 per day is charged on your account for each day beyond the 7 days, until your account is cleared. Tutors are not allowed to handle cash, as all payment must be made to CVtutor.

Is there a registration fee?

No. Unlike most tutoring companies CVtutor does not require a registration fee.

Can we pay by cash directly to the tutors?

Whilst we understand that paying cash to tutors can be convenient, this is not a method of payment we accept. The good news is that we our method is convenient and stress free. We simply bill you at the start of the month for estimated hours, agreed with you. You then pay by bank transfer. If you wish to pay in cash, you can take cash to your local branch and pay at the counter by providing our bank details.

How does CVtutor select tutors?

We carefully select tutors and train them to deliver effective and high standard tutoring. Tutors are required to send in a detailed CV, including contact details for two references. A thorough interview process then follows.

How do we monitor our tutors?

We keep in regular contact with all our tutors and their clients in order to monitor the standard of tuition being received. Listening and responding constantly to client feedback underpins our approach to tuition.

How can I give CVtutor feedback about my tutor?

We actively encourage feedback to improve our services to you, so just get in touch. We will also maintain regular contact throughout the tuition process, to make sure you continue to be satisfied with your tutor. You can also leave a feedback on Google and on our Facebook page.

Are tutors CRB/DBS registered?

Yes. All our tutors are DBS checked

Will tutors travel to us?

Most tutors will travel to a client’s home, whereas some will arrange lessons in their own home or in a public place such as a library, cafe etc. Travelling arrangements will be agreed before the tuition starts.

Can I specify particular attributes in a tutor?

Certainly. Clients might insist on a non-smoker, or a male/female tutor, for example. We endeavour to get the best possible match we can between you and the tutor.

What if a student doesn’t “click” with a tutor?

This can sometimes happen. It is no problem at all and we will endeavour to find you another tutor.

How long is a session?

A session can be for as long as you wish. Upon receiving your enquiry, we will discuss your requirements and then suggest an appropriate lesson duration and frequency. The average lesson is 1 to 1.5hrs a week, but this depends on your requirements. Some clients will add some more hours before exams, but this is totally up to you.

How does the first lesson work?

Your inaugural lesson is an opportunity to meet your tutor, discuss your requirements and develop a plan in conjunction with them.

Am I obliged to arrange minimum amount of lessons?

No. There is no minimal obligation or time period you have to arrange lessons. Have as many or few lessons as you require.

I need a tutor for my child who has special needs?

Some of our tutors have experience tutoring students with various forms of Special Educational Needs. Please get in touch for details.

Do your tutors provide online tutoring?

Most of our tutors are happy to do online tuition via Skype at a cheaper rate.

How long is our contract with CVtutor?

Just give us a 5 days notice and we’ll refund you any unused hours. With us, you are not tied to any long-term contract.

The student was away, and forgot to inform the tutor, can we rearrange?

Clients must inform tutors of their availability. If the student is not available and the tutor arrives at the place of tuition (or that tutor is made aware whilst travelling to you), the cost of that tuition session is charged in full. We strongly advise that you cancel a lesson within 24h.

How do we cancel a session?

Simply inform the tutor about a cancellation with a minimum of 24 hours notice. This will qualify you for a refund. You do not need to inform  us of cancellations, just the tutor. If you notify the tutor within less than 24 hours, that session will be charged for at full price, unless the tutor decides otherwise. We will never charge you if the tutor doesn’t charge us.

Can we recommend our private tutor to a friend?

You can recommend a tutor whom we have provided to someone else, but that person will need to contact CVtutor to officially hire the tutor.

How do you record tuition sessions?

At the end of each tuition session, tutors will present a timesheet which will need to be signed by you. This is our way of recording tuition sessions and use it to calculate the tutors pay. The tutor will send us this timesheet at the end of the month. This way we will pay the tutor. Should you wish to have a copy, we can certainly send you the signed timesheet each month.

Can we hire the tutor outside of CVtutor’ administration?

Solicitation outside of CVtutor’s administration is strictly forbidden. Should you want to hire the tutor again, you must contact Cvtutor to formally hire the tutor. Like all organisations, we invest considerable effort, time and money in building our business and it is our right to protect it. Any person(s) or organisation(s) found to have continued tuition with any of the tutors whom we had originally supplied, at any time during or after the termination of the original agreement with us, may face a legal injunction towards further contact between the client and the tutor. Legal action may include the recovering of lost earnings for the entire duration of the contact, damages, and the full cost of the legal action.

Can we speak to a private tutor beforehand?

It is our policy that all contact with tutors start after a tuition is arranged. Normally the tutor will give you a courtesy call either the same day or the following day of the agency arranging the tuition session. Remember, there is no deposit to pay; you are entitled to a replacement tutor if you are not entirely satisfied, and you are not tied to any long term contract with us.

What if my query is not answered here?

Please call or email CVtutor and we will get back to you. You are welcome to contact us with any questions you might have or ask for advice on a totally ‘no obligation’ basis.

Where is CVtutor full Terms of Service?

You can read our full terms by visiting our Tuition Agreement page.