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Did you know that English and German share many words? In some cases they’re almost the same with slightly different spelling while others include accents and punctuation appropriate for that language (e.g. ‘Bär’ in German means ‘bear’ in English). There are some everyday German words that have English origins, including simple things such as ‘babysitten’ meaning to baby sit and ‘joggen’ for jogging.

On the other hand, you’ll see very common German loan words used in English; some not so obvious ones include muesli, hamster and rucksack. Many well-known names relating to alcohol (e.g. Pilsner and Riesling) and food (e.g. Schnitzel and Strudel) are also regularly used.German abc

What I Will Learn from German Tutors UK?

  • Speaking, listening, reading, writing skills
  • Key vocabulary & grammar
  • Conversation practice


German lessons in Surrey, London and UK for private individuals and companies
Germany is one of Europe biggest markets, rich in culture and history. It’s also one of the most important trading partners for the UK and with cities like Berlin becoming a popular destination for British ex-pats, being able to speak the language is a distinct advantage. It’s also spoken in Switzerland, Austria and Lichtenstein and is a common second language in many countries across Eastern Europe.

Our German lessons are interactive with the emphasis on bringing out our student’s confidence in speaking using new vocabulary and practical exercises. Our lessons involve using a wide range of audio-visual teaching materials to help you get to grips with German quickly whether you are studying for business or pleasure.

Our teachers will help you to get to grips with speaking German from day one. Our teaching methods are focused on communication. This hands-on, interactive and personalised approach ensures that you will understand and speak from the very first day.

We have an extensive network of teachers from across the UK, each with an average of 5 – 10 years teaching experience. Most of our teachers are native speakers and have experience of teaching German for a variety of reasons including business, to prepare for an exam or just for pleasure.



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