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Common Entrance Exam Tutors Surrey

The Common Entrance Exams sat at either 11+ or 13+ are used by senior schools (secondary) to assess pupils’ academic ability. Exams are set and regulated by the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB).

Now, some schools have their own admissions test. And while the discrepancy between their tests and the standard Common Entrance Exams are minimal the difference is about 15%.

Many students in the UK sit Common Entrance (11+/13+) exams as part of the admission process into selective secondary schools. The Common Entrance Exam is usually sat at 13 but can be sat at 11 years of age.

Learn to Crack the Common Entrance Exam

Respected and competitive public schools require students to take this exam and select students based on their results. A pass rate of 60% is usually required. At CVtutor we want every child to reach their potential and do their very best in school. For the 11 Plus or other Entrance Examinations this means:

  • High level of Maths and English skills
  • Speed, accuracy and exam technique
  • Strong understanding and application in verbal and non verbal reasoning
  • High level of confidence and self-belief

Tuition for 7+, 11+, 12+ and 13+ and pre-tests for all schools are covered by our tutors.

For Key stages 1, 2 and 3 the tuition will be based on the National Curriculum Mathematics or the ISEB Common Entrance Syllabus and practice SATs.

Entrance Exams Tuition & Exam Preparation

  • Exam technique and past papers are key to ensuring students have the best chance to succeed at Common Entrance. At CVtutor we:
  • Provide structured exam training and organisation of important material to give students the best support in their preparation.
  • Offer private tuition for children preparing for common entrance
  • Work with students to answer past paper questions and help them understand key areas within the common entrance exams.

Our tuition covers the 11+ and 13+ common entrance exams.

Your child’s current school will be able to provide you with more specific information about the content of the 13+ exams.

Exam papers are set based on a child’s ability and time spent on the specific subject.It wouldn’t be fair to give a child a Latin paper when they have only started to learn the subject the week before. Each of the compulsory exams (English, Maths, and Science) are far more in-depth than the 11+.


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