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Foreign language? School subject? We have the answer!

The requests that we receive always vary: someone wants to learn a new language, someone wants to brush up something learnt many years ago, someone else is worried for the GCSE exams approaching...we can help everybody! Our strength is to be flexible and, in particular, prepared to any situation! All our tutors are always happy to receive a call from us! I remember the first time that Christiane and I sat down and started talking about the idea to set...

Blog? What is it??

A blog, what is a blog? After listening people, reading blogs, I finally decided to give it a go.... Why you should chose CVtutor for your language lessons instead of any other tutor agencies? I can assure your that you will be looked after by me, Christiane and my colleague Valentina like if you fly first class to Australia. We are there from the beginning until you are fluent. As a team, we stand at your side, look after you, reassure and support you every step of the way. Now, you want...

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