…still trying to approach a blog!

…still working hard on understanding how this “blog” page works…I wonder if someone out there will feel sorry for us and decide to turn our weakness into a strength!!!

This is probably why few days ago I have been politely advised “stick to your job!”…I wasn’t born to dedicate my energy to pc…nor to be a genius of sharing in dropbox, compressing files and, even worst, having a digital diary!

Christiane is still embarassed remembering the day she saw my diary for the first time!

We had to book a business meeting with a quite important person and at the question “When are you available?” here it is, the magic moment: Christiane took out of her handbag her shiny superhitechposhsmartcleverIcandoeverything i6s and I took out…my wonderful, recycled paper, A6 diary, with a sweet kitten pictured on the front cover!

Jane Austin would have said “Pride and prejude”, we would say “Pride and embarassment”…obviously “pride” for me and “embarassment” for Christiane…plenty of it!!!!

But…she didn’t change her mind about us as business: she wanted to stick with me and…she still tries to convert me to a digital diary!

We work hard, we know what we want from our business, we are serious about deals and agreements, but we know how to have a proper laugh and with us…a smile is always guaranteed!

Stay with us…you can have fun too! We have plenty of stories to tell!

Valentina 🙂


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