5 Tips to keep kids motivated while doing homework.

Don’t we know the phrase: “I can’t do it”, “I don’t want to do it anymore”, “Can we have a break”…… The list is endless.

These tips should help you to keep you and your child motivated while doing homework.
1. Set a time
The first thing you need to do – set a time. This way you can make sure that you will get the attention. When you start, place a stopwatch or something similar on the table and set it for 1h or less. Explain it to your little one and most importantly, do not go over the time, even if you haven’t finished. If that’s the case, do another 1/2h later on. Do 1h of studying 5 or 6 day’s a week at the same time if possible. This way, you and your child will be consistent and it will be a part of the daily routine just like eating dinner.
2. Use a room with the least distraction 
Don’t do the homework in the child’s bedroom or anywhere where he/she can be easily distracted. Use a designated room, like a study room or a dining room. Make sure nobody will disturb you and won’t be seen or heard anywhere near the room.
3. Start with the subject of interest 
Save the best for last? No, not in this case…
The concentration span of a child is very little, so it wouldn’t make a difference if you leave the subject of interest until the end and expect your child to be now fully on board….Do it at the beginning, it’ll be safer 🙂
4. Be creative and change a subject to his/her interest
We all know, most boys like football and most girls like dancing and singing.
Change a few things and make it relevant to them. For example in maths, draw up footballs and count them. Foreign languages, use a picture of a stadium and go through the colours… The list is endless… be creative… make learning fun!!!
5. If there are continuing problems, get help
Talk about the problem with your child’s teacher. Some children might have trouble seeing the board or something else is bothering them.
Use a private tutor. From personal experience, having a private tutor is the best way to keep your child motivated, make sure the tutor and your child “click”. This way the child will be 100% focused. And for the parent, it’s quite nice to have an hours rest 😉
These tips should help you and your child to get through homework tearless.
For anymore questions or more tips, please comment below…
Christiane Wagner-Tree


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