Foreign language? School subject? We have the answer!

The requests that we receive always vary: someone wants to learn a new language, someone wants to brush up something learnt many years ago, someone else is worried for the GCSE exams approaching…we can help everybody!

Our strength is to be flexible and, in particular, prepared to any situation! All our tutors are always happy to receive a call from us!

I remember the first time that Christiane and I sat down and started talking about the idea to set up a tutoring agency. It was a great idea, because both of us had been tutoring for very long time, but…we’d never thought that choosing a name for our business would have been sooooo difficult!

I don’t know how many pieces of paper we filled with random names….and eventually, after a couple of days…CVtutor came up! It should have been the first one to come to our mind, but…the best solution it is always the one that delays!

C for Christiane, V for Valentina…a bit confusing for someone who thinks that our job is to deal with “CV writing and improvements”, but…here we are! People who really need us know what we do and…know that we do it right!

Our business keeps us awake for many hours through the night…millions of ideas appears in our brains always when we are in bed, ready to close the day and…we cannot let them pass quietly! Grab the mobile, go on Whatsup and write “I had an idea….oops…are you still awake?” !!!!

CVtutor is part of our lives…not only ours, but also of the lives of our husbands and families who will soon start tutoring as well, just to join our great enthusiastic team!

Keep an eye on us…we will surprise you with what we can do!

Valentina 🙂


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